A new brand positioning, designed around self-expression

HappipressTM is the brainchild of an Indian entrepreneur, who wants to use technology and social interactions to transform the experience of finding personalised gifts.

Although I’m based in London, my experience with Indian brands (and my heritage, of course) gives me a good starting point for understanding the local market, consumers and a likely competitor set. I’m also developing a good network of India-based branding folk, including other strategists and designers.

Phase 1 of this project was about understanding the business and their customers’ needs – I used online questionnaires as the research tool. Next, we defined their mission and value proposition. And we agreed personality attributes, using a card sort exercise, as shown below:

This segued into an interactive brand positioning workshop with the clients, which I conducted over video conference. The key output was a detailed brand guide, made up of visual and written drivers:

Brand personality - written and visual drivers
Brand personality - written and visual drivers

Once this was signed off, the brand designer and I moved on to naming. Using Realtime Board, we collaborated over several sessions, first to short-list possible name contenders, and then delve deeper into the associations and meanings around each one on the list.

After more customer research and iterating, we agreed on Happipress. As this is a brand launch, we also crafted a tagline, to help communicate the proposition:

Logo and tagline
Happipress dynamic identity and tagline

With key brand assets in place, it was time to move onto content. First up: top-line wireframes for their e-commerce site, and the product personalisation journey:

This prototype is best viewed on a desktop or tablet screen.

Visual designers and developers have now taken over. And my next task is to write copy for all category, product and corporate pages.