Connecting parents with child development experts

Boostmychild is an online platform that connects Indian parents to reputable providers of child development activities, such as dance, theatre and sport.

The potential audience is huge, with over 100 million middle-class urban households forecast by 2020.

As a co-founder and Head of Brand and Design, my remit was to look at branding and all aspects of the user experience. I was a hands-on member of the team from January to September 2016. My colleagues included the founder, a head of delivery, developers, visual designers, subject matter experts and copywriters.

During this time, I delivered the following:

All written content and creative direction for a redesign and change of name, from Zelper to boostmychild, to create a consumer-friendly experience that would help to build familiarity and trust;

UX design, writing general and micro-copy, and copy editing specialist text, for a proprietary assessment tool, designed to help parents understand their child’s development;

Plus, UX design and UI copy for an Android app, developed for service providers.

All the above products are now live, and the team is building a user base in their home city of Pune.